About us

Redefining Hospitality

About us

Sertinos: Redefining Hospitality

Because today’s customers are looking for something new and different in a casual dining and coffeehouse experience, Sertinos are warm and inviting, upscale and intimate. The atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming, to enhance the friendly “neighborhood” feeling.

There’s a special feel to Sertinos, with comfortable couches, ample side chairs, and a cozy fireplace that invite people to linger and talk over a meal or beverage. Warm woods, inviting earth tones, and interesting wall décor add to the homey appeal. The unique look and feel of Sertinos is all about making customers feel that it’s truly “a place of their own.”

And, we understand the importance of creating a relationship between customer and café or coffee shop. By offering warmth, human interaction, and a sense of community— Sertinos welcomes people to a special experience they simply won’t find anywhere else.

Get A Taste

Of What We’re All About

From the moment you step inside, you’ll feel right at home. Welcome to Sertinos. Where the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee greets you in the morning. And a cozy, oversized chair beckons for an afternoon break. Where the food is always good, and the portions always generous. Sertinos is the place you look forward to meeting up with your friends, or sitting down with your family. To sip and relax. To savor and celebrate. It’s the neighborhood gathering spot. Where customers become friends. And everyone feels good inside.

It All Starts

With Great Food

Delicious food is at the heart of everything we do at Sertinos. Here, customers can enjoy indulging themselves a little every day, without spending a lot. Our menu includes custom-made sandwiches, fresh soups and salads, specialty coffees and teas, even premium ice cream at most locations. Whether it’s an early morning coffee, a satisfying lunch, an afternoon treat or a casual dinner, Sertinos always satisfies.