House Coffees

Decaf Espresso

Decaf Espresso: This decaf is roasted to bring out a full flavor when used to make your decaf specialty drinks. A blend of Central American & Indonesian coffees.

Decaf House

Decaf House: A blend of Central American coffees, using the natural decaf process.

Private Estate Blend

Private Estate Blend: A nice medium roasted blend of Central American coffees. It has a smooth taste and very appealing flavor. A favorite for everyday coffee drinkers.

Northwest Blend

Northwest Blend: A complex coffee with great depth of flavor and body. This coffee has some outstanding Central American and South American coffees. We roast it to a Full City roast to bring out the maximum taste profile.

Roastmaster’s Blend

Roastmaster’s Blend: A blend of Central American, South American and Indonesian coffees. This blend has all the character that brings a bold cup of coffee. We have roasted it between a Full City and Vienna Roast, to bring out the maximum flavor.

House Blend

House Blend: An amazing combination of coffees from Indonesia and Central America, roasted to a Viennese roast. This coffee has a natural nuttiness and creamy flavor.

Espresso Elite

Espresso Elite: Our premiere espresso blend, modeled in the Northern Italy style. This blend has a rich golden crema with intense caramel & chocolate undertones, bringing a sweet finish.

French Roast

French Roast: The results of our richest beans. It has a creamy, dark, and smooth taste, with a distinctive smoky flavor, and a long aftertaste.

Kona Blend

Kona Blend: A smooth exciting taste, blending the sweetness and rich flavor of Kona coffee, with outstanding Central American coffees.


Sumatra: A heavy body, with a delicate sweetness, featuring an earthy aroma, and sweet bouquet. It is sure to please the palate.